A legend says that the miraculous image appeared on the top of the mountain today the monastery, taking off sparks then the shepherds who were observing called” tsambes” .The light then image of the Virgin Mary was called for free broadcast Tsambika, example the scintillating Lady. Located on the east coast near the village of Archangelos. It consists of the old and the new monastery. The old monastery is located on a hilltop, overlooking the beach and the new is lower near the highway. Tsambika Beach is the ideal choice for you who want to spend your holidays with your family in peace under the Aegean sun. Tsampika Beach is 26 kilometers from the cosmopolitan town of Rhodes, and on the east coast and nearby beach of Stegna. Tsambika offers the ideal setting to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach with children playing safely in the beautiful scenery of nature while enjoying the wonderful feeling of warm golden sand caressing your feet.

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